Energy Storage: Techno-Economics

Coordinator: Peter J. Hall (UKERC)
Deputy: Mikko Pihlatie (VTT)


Economic drivers will play an important part in the implementation of storage technologies. In particular, Techno-Economics plays an important role within the individual sub-programmes as well as in cross-linking the respective technologies addressed above. In the next future, the sub-programme will re-focus activities on a bottom-up approach as, in a fast developing field such as energy storage it is sensible to look at the specificities of individual cases and to try to extract wider lessons from these. It is thought to be far more difficult to derive these subtleties from top-down system level modelling approaches. It is with this very much in mind that the sub-programme’s description of work has been revised to a bottom-up approach of data collation and information sharing that will provide a better resource for future work to be attempted.

Work Packages

WP1: Market Identification
WP2: Technology Identification
WP3: Economics and Policy
WP4: Horizon Scanning