Chemical Energy Storage (CES)

Coordinator: Adelbert Goede (DIFFER)
Deputy: Roland Dittmeyer (KIT)


The surpluses of intermittent renewable energy should excess several hundreds of TWh per year at EU level by 2050. In some countries these surpluses could be beyond 10% of annual consumption of electricity. Among the different storage technologies; batteries, flywheels, CAES, … Power to X approach proposes a complementary solution of energy conversion into chemical vectors for large capacity and long-term storage and for several markets : energy, mobility, chemistry, heat, …
The SP2 group assesses and proposes future emerging technologies of energy conversion into carbon and nitrogen based molecules. The technologies could overcome and bring breakthrough in terms of energy efficiency, CAPEX of conversion systems and cost production of chemical products.

Work Packages

WP1: Technology Intelligence and Review of Running Projects
WP2: Conversion Technology to N and C based fuels