Electrochemical Energy Storage (EES)

Coordinator: Margherita Moreno (ENEA)
Deputy: Alexey Koposov (IFE)


The SP1 program focuses on bring together and coordinating initiatives of the top research institutes and universities working in the fields of Li ion batteries, Post Li ion batteries and Supercapacitors for Energy Storage. Our aim is to give a collective voice to researchers in the field and to generate a platform for open discussion and exchange of ideas between researchers, industry and other relevant stakeholders, which frequently leads to solid long-term collaborations.
The SP1 is structured in to five technology working groups, which cover the entire value chain from materials up to integration of the energy storage technology. This WG structure reflects the current day situation, in which there is rapid development in electrochemical energy storage not only at the materials level, but also in advanced manufacturing methodologies, battery management systems and integration.
The final aim is to improve the performance, energy and power density by maintaining the safety level of the different electrochemical energy storage solutions.

Working Groups

WG1 Materials preparation and characterization
WG2 Degradation mechanisms and post-mortem analysis
WG3 Pilot scale Manufacturing at cell level
WG4 Battery Pack Design and Battery Management Systems
WG5 Modelling and Safety of batteries




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