Past Events 2017

22.03EERA Workshop on Hybrid Energy and Energy Storage Systems
22 March 2017, San Sebastian (ES)


The EERA workshop on Hybrid Energy and Energy Storage Systems took place in San Sebastian on March 22, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to learn about and discuss research questions for the use of different storage technologies in combination, how they can fit together, and how can they be integrated in the grid and their use and need of smart grids to enhance performance. Moreover, the goal was to make information on existing hybrid systems available and point out research needs for hybrid energy and energy storage systems and their integration in a smart grid. A report sumarizing the outcome of the workshop is under preparation.

The workshop gathered 34 participants (research and industry) from 10 different countries. A following workshop on this topic is foreseen in Autumn 2017. Further details on date and venue will be announced soon.

Who: open
When: 9am to 4pm

EERA JP ES – 10th Steering Committee Meeting
21 March 2017, San Sebastian (ES)

Who: SC members
When: 9am to 5:30pm

EERA JP ES – 8th Management Board Meeting
20 March 2017, San Sebastian (ES)

Who: MB members
When: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

EERA JP ES – Sub-Programme Meetings
20 March 2017, San Sebastian (ES)

Who: SP1, SP2, SP4 and SP5
When: 9pm to 4:30pm
Where: Tecnalia and/or IK4-CIDETEC

EASE-EERA Energy Storage Technology Development Roadmap
15 March 2017, Brussels (BE)

After the public consultation of the updated EASE-EERA Energy Storage Technology Development Roadmap a stakeholder workshop will take place in Brussels on the 15th of March. We are pleased to have received 30 responses to the public consultation, containing valuable inputs from a wide range of stakeholders.

The document containing the public consultation inputs is now available here.

The comments received during the consultation have been compiled into one document to keep them anonymous. The comments received on Chapter 7 – Market Design and Policy Recommendations – are not included in this roadmap draft. Rather, they will be discussed during the consultation workshop.

The draft agenda for the consultation workshop on 15.03.2017 is also available here.

Each session of the workshop will focus on one chapter or subchapter of the roadmap. The presenters will provide a high-level summary of the chapter and of the comments received during the consultation.

Stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss any significant changes proposed during the consultation and to provide additional feedback. The workshop will end with a brainstorming on how to implement the roadmap recommendations.

After the workshop, EASE and the EERA will deliberate and agree on the final version of the roadmap, taking into account the feedback collected during the consultation and workshop.

Who: energy storage stakeholders
10am to 4pm
Spanish National Research Council (Room III), Rue due Trône 62, Brussels

Past Events 2016


1st EERA Conference
24-25 November 2016, Birmingham (UK)

For the first time since its establishment, EERA is organising a purely scientific conference. This conference is the occasion for energy researchers active in EERA, that represent more than 175 research organisations active in all fields of research on low-carbon energy, to meet and discover about each others’ challenges. The goal is to provide the opportunity for cross-fertilisation and identification of topics of common interest. The event will also involve industrial stakeholders and policy makers in order to strengthen their collaboration with the research world.

The conference will blend invited speakers, selected oral and poster contributions and panel debates to facilitate discussions and improve communication between stakeholders and researchers.


EERA JP ES – 9th Steering Committee Meeting
23-24 November 2016, Birmingham (UK)


Who: SC members
When: 23rd, 6pm to 8pm
Where: Hotel Holiday Inn Express Birmingham – Snow Hill


Who: SC members
When: 24th, 5pm to 7pm
Where: Great Hall, Room R8-Physics West, University of Birmingham

SP5-Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Meeting
25 October 2016, Barcelona (ES)

When: 9am to 2pm
Where: ICMAB


EERA JP ES – Battery Expert Workshop
19 October 2016, Brussels (BE)

The EERA workshop on opportunities and challenges of batteries for energy storage in the EU took place in Brussels on October 19, 2016. The main objective of the workshop was to stimulate an in-depth discussion on status and challenges of batteries for energy storage in relation to research, industrial, socio-economic and consumer aspects and to policy initiatives at European level, particularly (but not limited to) the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). The workshop gathered 27 participants from research, industry, consumer associations and the European Commission, with representatives of four Directorate Generals. It was led and facilitated by the EERA Joint Programme (JP) on Energy Storage. The JP AMPEA, JP Smart Grids, JP Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts (E3S) and JP Fuel Cells & Hydrogen also contributed to the presentations and the discussion.

Who: Joint Research Center, DG Energy, DG Research & Innovation and DG Environment,  JP ES, JP AMPEA, JP SG, JP E3S, JP FC&H
When: 10am to 3:30pm
Where: KOWI Brussels Office


SP4-Mechanical Energy Storage Meeting
28-29 April 2016, Padova (IT)

Who: RSE, POLITO, University of Padova, SINTEF, University of Nottingham, GFZ, CEA, CIEMAT, university of Madrid, NTNU, KIT, (Brno Technical University)
When: 28th, 9am to 6pm and 29th, 9am to 4pm
Where: University of Padova

EERA JP ES – 8th Steering Committee Meeting
12 April 2016, Brussels (BE)

Who: SC members
When: 10am to 4pm
Where: Renaissance Hotel

EERA JP ES – 7th Management Board Meeting
11 April 2016, Brussels (BE)

Who: MB members
When: 2pm to 6pm
Where: KOWI Brussels Office


SP1-Electrochemical Energy Storage Meeting
22 February 2016, Brussels (BE)

Who: POLITO, University of Padova, SINTEF, IFE, University of Sheffield, CIC-Energy, IK4-CIDETEC, IMDEA, VUB, CNR, Tecnalia, KIT
When: 10am to 6pm
Where: ENEA Brussels Office


Past Events 2015


 Energy Storage Stakeholder Meeting
 09 November 2015, Brussels (BE)

The Energy Storage Stakeholder Meeting took place in Brussels on November 09, 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to define joint activities from research to industry in the field of energy storage. Following the ideas of the “Joint EASE/EERA recommendations for a European energy storage technology development roadmap towards 2030”, major challenges on technologies, regulations as well as standardization were addressed. The goal was to define aligned actions for strengthening the cooperation. Furthermore, present Horizont 2020 calls for possible joint actions were introduced and discussed. The workshop gathered 16 participants from research, industry,  and the European Commission. It was led and facilitated by the EERA Joint Programme (JP) on Energy Storage.

Who: DG Energy, JP ES
When: 10am to 12:30pm
Where: KOWI Brussels Office