JP ES Activities 2018

  • M. Noe, I.J. Südmeyer, M.E.G. Bardají, Virtual Round Table, EERA JPSC special issue 1/2018 “European Pathways to Smart Cities” to be published in June 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Read more about here.
  • M. Noe, Chair of ‘Break Out Session: Materials, Converting Sunlight and Storage’ at the DTU/EERA conference alongside the Nordic Clean Energy Week, coming on 24 May 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark.                                                                                                                 – Read more about here.
  • M.E.G. Bardají, Rapporteur of  ‘Table 3: Sustainable Mobility’ at the EERA scientific workshop, 19 April 2018, Brussels, Belgium. – Read more about here.
  • M.Noe, I.J. Südmeyer, M.E.G. Bardají, Study on Energy Storage to speed up the Energy Transition, February 2018.                                  – Read more about here.
  • Submission of FET Flagship proposals with JP ES involvement
    • “CLEAN ENERGY” – Coordiantor: B. Holzapfel (KIT)
    • “BATTERY 2030+” – Coordiantor: K. Edstrom (U Uppsala)
  • A.P.H. Goede, Advisory Board Member at the ‘Symposium on rSOC technology’, 1 February 2018, Delft, The Netherlands. – Read more about here.
  • ‘M.E.G. Bardají, ‘Energyspeicher sind für die Energiewende essentiell’, Springer Professional, Onlineartikel, 15 January 2018.       – Read more about here.